(Español) Otras aplicaciones: Cementeras, Petróleo y Gas, Química y farmacéutica, Ventilación de procesos industriales, etc.

  • Cement mills
  • Oil and gas
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical
  • Ventilation of industrial processes, etc.

Depending on the industrial processes, the most frequent applications are:

  • Forced draft fans
  • Primary air fans
  • Secondary air fans
  • Induced draft fans
  • Gas recirculation fans
  • Booster fans
  • Cooling fans
  • Sealing air fans
  • Exhaust fume fans
  • Jet fans
  • Emergency fans
  • Pelletising fans
  • Sintering fans
  • Coke oven fans
  • Fans for basic oxygen steel production
  • Fans for electric arc furnaces