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ISO 9001:2015 Certification.
Quality System

B3 FANTECH is ISO 9001 certified and applies a strict quality assurance program in all its departments seeking customer satisfaction with its products and services. During manufacturing, comprehensive quality controls are undertaken according to each product’s technical specifications.

At the test bench, B3 FANTECH undertakes vibration level testing, flow pressure, absorbed power, sealing and sound emission measurements, among other controls, ensuring that every single item of equipment attains the maximum quality level. B3 FANTECH checks the properties and performance of its fans for its customers through witnessed tests according to the ISO 5801:1997 standard, at maximum or reduced speeds of up to 750 kW absorbed

9001: ISO

Design, manufacture and technical assistance service.
Test bench of up to 750 kW.

Fans as per the API-650 and API-673 standards.
Fans as per the
EN 14986 standard: 2007 ATEX.