Bit-Box Service

B3 FANTECH offers the BIT-BOX SERVICE of continuous monitoring for Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) applicable to rotating machinery and in particular to Industrial Fans.

Save energy consumption in your industrial plant!

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By means of the Maintenance Based on the machine Condition, the fans are diagnosed detecting the changes or alterations in their initial stages through a selective alert system that allows to identify with precision which is the origin of those failures, avoiding not scheduled stops.

The BIT-BOX SERVICE allows an adequate and reliable Predictive, Preventive and Corrective maintenance and the performance optimization of fans.


Service advantages

  • Cost of equipment maintenance
  • Breaks of components
  • Unscheduled stops
  • Maintenance stop period
  • Stock of spare parts
  • Profitability of the fan
  • Life of the components andthe fan
  • Safety of the equipment
  • Knowledge of the fan use and performance optimization

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Service features

Reliable electronics for data collection:

  • Vibration signals
  • Temperature signals
  • Rotation speed signal
  • Absorbed power signal
  • Pressure signal

Secure data management:

  • Independent from customer network (optional)
  • vpn connection
  • Data storage capacity when communication is down

Analysis and diagnosis of fan status:

  • Overall understanding of fan behaviour and use
  • Surveillance and analysis by fan experts (certificated in iso 18436-2)
  • Unlimited users access to monitoring platform
  • Website developed for analysis and diagnosis
  • Remote diagnosis continuously or on demand

Optimization of fans:

  • Meassure of real fan performance
  • Energy saving calculation
  • Fan upgrade proposal

Technical Assistance Service on site:

  • Expert technicians
  • All around the world
  • Efficient service due to previously analyzed solutions

Surveillance & Optimization


Stand Alone Monitoring

B3F BIT-BOX SERVICE offers a solution for online monitoring of fans. In this way the user can analyze the data received remotely and in real time, to diagnose the status of the equipment and its performance.


Remote Surveillance by Experts

B3F BIT-BOX SERVICE also offers the machine Condition Monitoring Service by continuously monitoring the fans by specialized technicians, advising the customer of possible failures and providing detailed reports on a regular basis. With this solution we can locate the wear and tear of a mechanism, check the damage and identify the root cause of the failure and analyzed the fan performance and efficiency.


Condition Monitoring and Optimization Sevice

B3F BIT-BOX SERVICE provides necessary data to diagnose fan failures allowing effective maintenance tasks, fan repairsand mechanical upgrades.

Additionally, fan performance and efficiency can be optimized, monitoring how the fans are used. Energy saving proposal is addressed to the customer with the necessary fan upgrades and adjustments.

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