B3 FANTECH provides jet and axial fans for emergency ventilation in tunnels.

The diameter of NVT jet fan propellers ranges from 500 mm to 1,600 mm with thrust ranges varying from 185 N to 2,810 N.

EAV booster fans can reach 2,500 mm in diameter.

B3 FANTECH emergency fans are used in the longitudinal, transverse and semi-transverse ventilation of road and railway tunnels because of their high efficiency, reliability because of their robust construction, low noise and corrosion resistance.


  • Approved for operation at 400 °C for 120 minutes according to the IN-12.1013 rule.
  • Depending on the ventilation requirements, B3 FANTECH equipment can be unidirectional or fully reversible.
  • The Aerodynamic design provides high efficiencies and low sound levels.
  • Structures for fixing to ceilings and appropriate anchoring elements are used for the unique features of each tunnel.
  • Impellers are balanced according to ISO 1940 1-1986, grade 2.5.
  • Network range frequencies of 50 Hz and 60 Hz.
Ventiladores de túnel
Ventiladores de túnel
Ventiladores de túnel